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It is no secret that the long repetitions and the intense burn that comes with doing core exercises make abs one of the hardest things to achieve. However, there is no excuse when it comes to reaching your fitness goals but that doesn’t mean that there are different methods to get the most out of your ab workout outside of the conventional crunch exercise.



Tips and Tricks

Keep that core tight!

It doesn’t matter whether you are doing cardio or doing a bicep curl. It’s important to tighten your core and maintain a good breathing rhythm. It not only helps define your core muscles, but it also helps you maintain a good form during exercises. You can also incorporate this technique to your daily routine by tightening the core as you are walking somewhere.

Add variety to your workout

Don’t just stick to the traditional crunches. It definitely helps shape your abs but it only works one section of your entire abdominal area. Try complimenting different exercises that target the abdominal region to ensure that you get a well-rounded ab workout. Click here to view a list of additional ab workouts.

Need help finding variety for you workout? Check these out!

Eat clean!

Keep in mind that unless you are a full-time fitness enthusiast, your abs will not always be 100% rock hard, which is why it’s very important that you are constantly include at least one or two ab exercises everytime you excerice to make sure that you keep them nice and toned. Nevertheless, a good way to make your abs stand out for a special occasion is to eat smaller but more frequent meals that are accompanied by water to minimize the bloating of your stomach.

  1. November 25, 2015

    Sticking with the best workouts, you need to do is pnuods training. The best ab training exercises aren’t the boring crunches and situps that you are used to doing. Remember, an ab exercise has to accomplish two points. Move your torso toward your hip or hip toward your torso AND supply resistance in this motion. Perform your abs like you perform every other muscle and also you will see fantastic results.

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