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One of my trainees told me that I was going to make his chest extra sore by making him do three different chest exercises. I asked him if he knew how many muscle groups compose the chest to which he replied “one…” WRONG! The chest is actually made up of two main muscle groups called the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. Most people tend to focus on exercises that mainly target their pectoralis major, which is located in the upper part of the chest. The excessive target of the pectoralis major may lead to what is known as “pigeon chest” and trust me you do not want to be that guy! It’s important to include multiple chest exercises in your workout routine that target both groups for a more balanced and squared chest. I’ve included my top five exercises and their main muscle group they target so that ya’ll have the perfect chest workout.

The Workout

Start off with a dumbell bench press and an incline dumbell fly to warm up your chest muscles.

(3 sets/15 rep each)

Follow up with an incline barbell bench press for the pectoralis minor and a regular barbell bench press for the pectoralis major.

(3 sets/15 reps each)

It’s important to add variety to your workout to make sure your body doesn’t get used to the routine. I would recommend choosing between these three exercises for a well-rounded chest workout.

Cable crossover (3 sets/15 reps)

Pushups (to failure)

Bodyweight Flyes (to failure)

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  1. November 25, 2015

    Ty,To answer your qioetusn more efficiently, IDK if you have weights or not. You could build a great chest with just DBs and two chairs. For instance you can do bench press, incline press, and close grip if you have weights. Also remember that your triceps play a role in your bench press. Also you can do floor presses with dbs A floor press is laying on the floor, then benching. Your elbows will hit the floor, but if you dont have a bench or have shoulder injuries, its a safer exercise. If you cannot lift the weights up into postion as you get stronger, you can just put the DBs on books that will stack up to your arm level, then start benching from the floor.So if you have weights I would do:Bench press/ or floor pressinclines/ or close grip/ or dips( two chairs is all you need )and then I would throw in an isolation, like flys,ect.If you have no weights get some soon! Then I would doPush upsdipsclose grip push ups, with hands next to sides and close to body. I am not talking about the triangle push ups, I mean your hands are at your sides. Also, dont repeat this more than twice a week if your doing other exercises. If you are only focused on chest, then you can do this 3 times a week, no more. If your doing the weights version, then no more than twice a week, if your doing other weight exercise, like squats, deadlifts,,ect,ect then do it only once a week for the weight version.

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