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  • From the novice to the elite level athlete, EGYM is the fitness revolution that will level-up your strength training routine.
  • Never again will you have to manually adjust your weights on the stack or the seat position, you simply scan your PFRX RFID-band so that the machine identifies your specific body positioning and goals. That means zero guesswork, plus this makes training safe and effective — as there is no risk of using the wrong training weights or ending up in sitting positions that could be damaging to your health.
  • Training on EGYM fitness equipment is the most intuitive workout you’ve ever experienced.
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  • The EGYM training system is ideal for a full-body workout to efficiently work the entire body with a balanced focus on all major muscle groups. The machines can also be programmed to focus on individual muscle groups with isolation exercises, depending on your training goal. This means you can prioritize training upper-body, abs, legs, or glutes.
  • To use EGYM, you must complete the InBody fitness assessment where a you will receive your PFRX RFID-band, which allows the machines to recognize you, adjust for height, weight and strength, and tracks your progress in the app. EGYM machines feature touchscreens with an interface like a video game that shows you how many reps to do, at what speed and with what range of motion.
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  • EGYM Smart Cardio enables you to continue your fitness journey on numerous connected cardio machines that are fully integrated with our digital and workout solutions. Regular cardio tests help create guided cardio exercises that sync seamlessly with the EGYM app.
Start your workout at PFRX with EGYM


Training on EGYM exercise machines
is really this easy
  • 1
    Log in to adjust to your personal settings
    As soon as you log in to the training machine it will automatically adjust to your precise settings – having to set the weight and seat heights are now a thing of the past. Just hold your EGYM RFID chip up to the machine and start your workout.
  • 2
    Select your training goal
    Select your personal training goal and your workouts will be adapted to your specific physical requirements. This enables you to automatically train using methods that sport science has proven to be most effective.
  • 3
    Your ideal training weight is calculated
    Regular strength tests automatically ensure that you’re always training with the right weight for your training goal and current performance. This ensures your muscles are efficiently stimulated across every stage of your strength training.
  • 4
    Your training plan is provided to you
    Your personal training plan is provided on the machine itself, tailored to your goal. You’ll go through four perfectly coordinated training phases. Each of these combine different training methods, depending on your goal. The methods applied are automatically changed after every sixth workout (automatic periodization). A fixed training duration and number of repetitions ensure optimal training results.
  • 5
    Your training with EGYM curve
    EGYM curve makes your workout easy and safe while providing plenty of motivation. EGYM curve will specify the correct range of motion and speed for the exercise, depending on your training goal. Gamification elements provide additional fun and motivate you to perform every repetition as directed.
  • 6
    Your training plan is analyzed
    Various analysis tools allow you to monitor and track your training progress from day 1. Both you and your trainer can view completed exercises and performance analysis on your smartphones at any time and your training plan is always on hand.

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