A Revolutionary Gym

Above the city streets and the energy of downtown New Orleans you will find two of the most revolutionary gyms in the country. A few years after opening the incredibly successful Julia Street prototype in 2014, Mark and Sacha Owens looked out over the New Orleans skyline and manifested the future. They envisioned the opportunity to use their passion to transform more lives through fitness and to use their entrepreneurial spirit to expand their facilities. The goal was to create a state-of-the-art gym that is affordable and convenient, where people could easily integrate the gym into their daily routine.

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Not only did the Owens expand and create two high-rise state of the art locations, they were able to add the power of EGYM to provide affordable, digital personal training, 24/7. With the EGYM personal training system and Smart Cardio technology all Prime Fitness RX is “More Than A Gym”.

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