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Whether you need some one-on-one help or an exciting group to keep you going, we offer a variety of personal and group training options.


Private training is the best way to get the most out of your time at the gym. Since we’re all about results, naturally it’s our central focus. Our trainers are among the best in New Orleans.
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All members get the advantage of digital coaching with our EGYM equipment.
EGYM intelligently tests and adjusts to your fitness level to design and track your workout routines.

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Ready for the Future
of Fitness Technology?
Boring and monotonous training on conventional training machines is now a thing of the past. Say goodbye to poor posture and problems using the equipment, and say hello to noticeable results. The connected gym with fully electronic exercise equipment is here, and digital fitness apparatus with chip access and apps are more than just marketing fluff – they’re the start of a fitness-based revolution.
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